Vignettes from Around the World

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Simplicity — New York, NY




Color — New York, NY


Color & Stones — Cordoba, Spain

Hostal Lineros 38, Cordova, Cordoba, SpainHostal Lineros 38, Cordova, Cordoba, Spain

The entry draws you into Hostal Lineros 38.

Towering — Lübeck, Germany

Lubeck, Germany

Lubeck, Germany, church, stained-glass windowLubeck, Germany, church, windows

Lubeck, Germany, brick

Wooden Chairs & Tile Walls — Granada, Spain

I believe these wooden chairs were placed in Alhambra for weary tourists or tired guards, but I think they are an inspired addition.

tile, Granada, Alhambra, Spain

Granada, Spain, Alhambra, palace, colored tile, wooden chairs

Syros Simplicity — Ano Syros, Greece

The medieval town of Ano Syros sits high on the hill of the Greek island Syros. Built by the Venetians, it’s accessible via steps and pathways, which wind around homes accented by bold or smoky colors.

Ano Syros, Greece, Greek, island, Syros, houses, white and blue, blue door

Ano Syros, Greece, Greek, island, Syros, white and blue houses, steps, blue door

Ano Syros, Syros, Greek island, Venetians, potted plants, Greece, stone housesAno Syros, Syros, Greece, Greek island, steps, potted plants

Ano Syros, Greece, Greek island, stone walls, window carvings

Ano Syros, Greece,  Cyclades, stone houses, doors, windows, island

Succulents — Marrakech, Morocco

Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech, succulents, MoroccoMajorelle Gardens, Marrakech, succulents, Morocco

Majorelle Gardens is no succulent terrarium but it offers a little inspiration.

Riad — Fes, Morocco

A riad is a traditional Moroccan style home with an interior courtyard.

riad, morocco, tile, fes

riad, Morocco, Fes, fountain, tile

The colored tiles are everywhere, but someone how simple and not overwhelming.

riad, Morocco, Fes, tile, carpet

riad, Fes, Morocco, tile, shower

In our riad in Fes, Dar Melody, we had a room on a top floor that made us feel like we were in a tower room.

riad, Fes, Morocco, stained glass

Windmills & Giants — Consuegra, Spain

Two Thousand Year-Old Tile – Masada, Israel

These tile mosaic floors, remains of Herod’s palace at the site, have staying power.

Worshiping the Details – Amman, Jordan

The gorgeous details of the King Abdullah I Mosque, from the ceiling to the floor.

Doorways – Stone Town, Zanzibar

Bo-Kaap – Cape Town, South Africa

The dayglo-colored homes of Cape Town’s Cape Malay Quarter.

Butterflies – Muizenberg, South Africa

Bluebottle Guesthouse in Muizenberg, a beachside suburb of Cape Town, brings color into its rooms with butterfly accents.

Ornate Windows – Auckland, New Zealand

Gorgeous windows are just one of the details that give Auckland its charm.

Sculpture by the Sea – Sydney, Australia

Once a year the walk from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach is transformed by sculpture. Here are a few of my favorites.

Birdcage – Sydney, Australia

These birdcages give intrigue to an otherwise unremarkable alley.

Meditations – Kyoto, Japan

Pottery – Kyoto, Japan

Folded Art – Tokyo, Japan

These screens are on exhibit at the Tokyo National Museum.

The Old City – Luang Prabang, Laos

A city of old, new and natural

Sidewalk Fountains – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Grand Palace – Bangkok, Thailand

I love the lollipop trees.

Jas Vilas – Jaipur, India

Jas Vilas is an oasis in Jaipur and a gem in a city full of gems.