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Hawa Mahal – Jaipur, India

We visited Hawa Mahal at golden hour. The stain glass windows were breathtaking.

City Palace – Jaipur, India

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Four decorative gates adorn an area of City Palace, one of the most beautiful places to visit in a city full of beautiful places.

Bahá’í House of Worship – Delhi, India

The Baha’i House of Worship, also known as the Lotus Temple because of its shape, could be one of the most peaceful places in Delhi.

Colorful Accessories – Macau

I just loved the way our hosts in Macau used brightly-colored accessories to accent neutral basics like this gray couch.

This pop of yellow especially caught my attention.

River Rocks – Shanghai, China

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The Chinese have beautiful ways of working with river rock.

The Umbrellas of China

All over China, people use umbrellas to escape from the summer heat.

Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

Forbidden Palace, Beijing

Forbidden Palace, Beijing

Outside the Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Summer Palace, Beijing

For more of the Umbrellas of China, please check out my Flickr set by clicking here.

Nan Lian Garden – Hong Kong, China

Man Mo Temple – Hong Kong, China

Late afternoon light streams through the rafters of the Man Mo Temple illuminating cones of incense.

Door Knockers – Cartagena, Columbia

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These decorative door knockers in Cartagena, Columbia gave the old city a lot of unexpected charm.

The Amazon – Peru

Subtle sophisticated color

The unexpected element



Integrated shelving


Andenes al Cielo – Cuzco, Peru

The view from the entrance of the hotel.

Andenes al Cielo means platforms to heaven.

Decorative details in a small alcove.

Clean white surfaces contrasted by intricately carved dark woods.

Mugs for coca tea or just coffee

Handwoven – Ccaccacollo, Peru

Weaving textiles by hand in Ccaccacollo, our first stop on the road to the Inca Trail

The yarn is dyed with natural pigments.

The finished product takes weeks to complete.

Tasting Rooms – Colchagua Valley, Chile

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Design inspiration from Chilean wine country

Street Art – Santiago, Chile

This is my kind of graffiti.

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino – Santiago, Chile

Cabrera Garden – Buneos Aires, Argentina

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Our guesthouse in Buenos Aires was a design junkie’s dream – from the mix of different fabrics & colors to the endless supply of stylish magazines.

MALBA – Buenos Aires, Argentina

This bench just keeps on going!

La Floralis Genérica – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The petals of this giant metal flower located in the United Nations Plaza in Buenos Aires actually open and close depending on the time of day.

Casa Cool Beans, Rio de Janeiro

A cool retreat in Rio’s Santa Teresa neighborhood

Catedral de São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro

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Centro is home to this curiously shaped but striking cathedral in downtown Rio.

Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Parque das Ruínas, Santa Teresa – Rio De Janerio, Brazil

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The burned-down home of one of Rio’s most famous socialites and cultural patrons, Laurinda Santos Lobo, was resurrected into a park with wonderful city views. But it’s quite a view on its own.

Paraty, Brazil – Historic Center

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São Paulo, Brazil – Edifício COPAN

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