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Syros Simplicity — Ano Syros, Greece

The medieval town of Ano Syros sits high on the hill of the Greek island Syros.¬†Built by the Venetians, it’s accessible via steps and pathways, which wind around homes accented by bold or smoky colors.

Ano Syros, Greece, Greek, island, Syros, houses, white and blue, blue door

Ano Syros, Greece, Greek, island, Syros, white and blue houses, steps, blue door

Ano Syros, Syros, Greek island, Venetians, potted plants, Greece, stone housesAno Syros, Syros, Greece, Greek island, steps, potted plants

Ano Syros, Greece, Greek island, stone walls, window carvings

Ano Syros, Greece,  Cyclades, stone houses, doors, windows, island