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Succulents — Marrakech, Morocco

Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech, succulents, MoroccoMajorelle Gardens, Marrakech, succulents, Morocco

Majorelle Gardens is no succulent terrarium but it offers a little inspiration.

Riad — Fes, Morocco

A riad is a traditional Moroccan style home with an interior courtyard.

riad, morocco, tile, fes

riad, Morocco, Fes, fountain, tile

The colored tiles are everywhere, but someone how simple and not overwhelming.

riad, Morocco, Fes, tile, carpet

riad, Fes, Morocco, tile, shower

In our riad in Fes, Dar Melody, we had a room on a top floor that made us feel like we were in a tower room.

riad, Fes, Morocco, stained glass